Ocean Reach Phase II

A Massive thanks again to all of the WM construction team as we now have arrived at the Ocean Reach phase two completion!

6 days before the contract handover date we were able to hand the 4 properties recently completed in phase two over to the Ocean Reach developers, Sean and Hazel. They have put a lot of hard work into this development, they have trusted the WMC ability and are very happy with the results and I hope that they enjoy the new and completed development as much as we have enjoyed building the site.

The air tests have all passed and the sound tests passed in style! All of these high results are evidence of a quality build!

Phase one started in October 2016 and completed in September 2017, during this time we constructed 7 dwellings and a resturant, https://m.facebook.com/OceansRest/ , as well as the site services and foul waste requirements we installed the LPG gas to the site and the water reservoir supplied via 2 bore holes and a treatment plant.
Phase two started in December 2017 and completed today, July the 10th 2018 and has seen 4 new builds completed to a very high standard. You can see the pictures below and will see how the WM team can bring in the highest standards, on time – on budget!!!

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us please do not hesitate to get in touch, we don’t just do big projects, we do what ever we do well!

Here to help!

Good luck to Sean and Hazel with the development, good luck to the Ocean resturant team and all of the Ocean Reach community….
No doubts this amazing location will thrive!!! – good luck and thanks for having us!

Miss you already!

WM Construction team

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